Transition 2023

Simply click here and it will direct you to the site where our school uniform can be purchased. We are now offering PE kits, fleeces, and coats along with our branded polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans.

Welcome to our school
Applying online for your Year 3 place for September 2023


Year 2/3 Activities Page

Please see below for maths, handwriting and phonics summer activities. 



Click the image above for maths activities. 


 Please see below for handwriting lessons. Click on each lesson to take you directly to the video.

  1. Capital Letters.
  2. Tall Letters.
  3. a, c, d, g.
  4. Letters with tails.
  5. w, v, o, r.
  6. Summary of all letters.


Please click on each video.
  1. Initial Sounds
  2. Long vowel ai
  3. Vowel digraphs
  4. Split vowel digraphs
  5. Split vowel digraph a_e
  6. Long vowel ee
  7. Split vowel digraph e_e
  8. Long vowel igh
  9. Split vowel digraph i_e
  10. Long vowel oa
  11. Split vowel digraph o_e
  12. Split vowel digraph u_e
  13. Trigraphs
  14. Homophones
  15. Soft ‘c’
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