At Moat Farm we are passionate about reading. Creating a love of reading in children is potentially one of the most powerful ways of improving academic standards. As a school, we strive to give our children the best start in establishing secure foundations in reading. Our primary intent is to create avid readers, which we believe is the foundation for providing children with the skills and knowledge needed for life. By teaching every child to read well, making time within the school day to read, and embedding a culture of reading for pleasure into the core of what we do, we believe that we have the opportunity to make a profound difference to children’s education. . Reading great literature opens children up to ideas, experiences, places and times they may never otherwise experience in real life, as well as seeing themselves represented within the books they read and seeing themselves as readers.

Your child will bring home a reading book that is closely matched to their current reading development. This means that, on the whole, the book will contain the specific phonics and words they have been learning at school.

Please support your child to read this book as independently as possible. It is a good idea for them to read the book more than once to help them practise fluency. If they get stuck help them to sound out the word, or tell them the word and make a note of the difficulty in the Reading Record comments section.

Your child will also bring home a library book. This book may contain phonics and words that your child has not yet been taught. Please support your child by reading this book to them, or sharing the reading together.

Please enjoy reading with your child and chat with them about the contents of the books they bring home. Your comments in the Reading Record help us to understand your child’s preferences, successes and challenges.

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Moat Farm Junior School in Sandwell