Supporting More Able and Talented

At Moat Farm Junior School (MFJS) we recognise that there will be more able pupils. These are children who show a particular skill or aptitude in one or more curriculum subject. At MFJS, we aim to ensure that all pupils are extended and stretched to reach their full potential. Our teachers have high expectations for all pupils and provide a range of differentiated provision in class that offers appropriate challenges.
We define a more able child who is attaining above their ‘Age Related Expectations’ this means that they are doing better than the National Curriculum for their age dictates. Higher attaining pupils will be predominantly supported by their class teachers and given activities that allow them to gain further ‘mastery’ of their learning by applying it in different ways.

Provision for More Able and Talented: What to expect

We feel it is appropriate to adopt a fluid approach to providing for the more able and talented learners, as this allows us to identify and make provision for this group in a flexible and considered way. We provide a rich and varied curriculum that can be accessed by all, regardless of ability across a range of subjects. Through skillful teacher assessment of learning and achievement, we identify those with high potential (both those who are maximising their potential). These children are then provided with extension for learning, which can include.

  • Richer and deeper questions.
  • More complex problem solving.
  • Access to a broader range of texts.
  • University Challenge Projects supported by our More Able Coordinator.
  • Opportunities for collaborative and independent learning.
  • Enrichment opportunities and competitions.
  • Opportunities for pupil led learning.
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Moat Farm Junior School in Sandwell