What is the LPPA?

The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) is an exciting national award that Moat Farm Junior School have worked towards in order for us to improve our strategies to involve parents and carers more fully in every child’s learning experience.

One of the principle criteria of the award is the promotion of and participation in lifelong learning within the school for parents and carers. It is vital that parents and carers understand and support their child’s learning and development. Family learning can reinforce their relationships with their child and the school, as well as developing their own skills and knowledge.

The LPPA offers long term benefits such as improved pupil attendance and behaviour and increased parental involvement and support. We hope to improve communication between school and home and nurture the child/parent relationships by highlighting the benefits of adult learning and the positive impact this can have on a child’s education. This is a challenging but rewarding venture.

The benefits for children are:

    • It is easier for a child to learn when they get encouragement at home.
    • They will do better and achieve more when their parents or carers are involved.
    • Children get access to more activities in and out of school when there are more adults to help.
    • Their concerns can be sorted out more quickly when parents and carers have a positive relationship with school staff.
    • They are happier when their parents or other family members get involved in the school, it
    • Shows them that you are interested in what the school, is doing.
    • Allows them to see that you value what they are learning.
    • Gives them a sense of security.
  • Helps them to learn about good citizenship from your example.

The benefits for parents and carers are:

    • Your children do better when you are involved.
    • You are better able to help and encourage your children.
    • Parents can build their own confidence and skills.
    • You get to know the teachers and other parents.
    • You also gain a better understanding of how the school works.
    • Get to see how your child relates to other children and their teachers.
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a contribution to the school and your child’s learning.

If you have any suggestions for how parents and carers and Moat Farm Junior School can be involved together more fully in your child’s learning experiences, please get in touch.