On Tuesday 14th November, Green 3 visited Tesco Extra in West Bromwich as part of their Farm to Fork Initiative. It was a very exciting day! When we ar

rived we met Sid, who was our tour guide, and we put on our glamourous tabards, showing everyone in Tesco that we were there on a trip.

First of all, we visited the bakery … it smelt amazing! It made all of our tummies rumble! We had to wear special paper hats to stop any of our hair falling into the amazing products – we looked amazing! We went into the back of the bakery and learnt what ingredients go into bread, we then got to smell the yeast. lt like smelly socks! We examined the industrial sized mixers, the dough’s ‘bedroom’ (proofer) and the two different massive ovens that Tesco have.


From there, we moved onto the cheese counter – we were able to try three different types of cheese (this made Miss Wilson and Mr Foreman very happy). We tried Edam, Applewood and Orkney and we had to guess the strength of them and rate them in the order we liked.

We were very fortunate to be allowed the go into the back of the store. The stockroom was full of Christmas goodies ready to be purchased. The final stop on our tour was the store’s fridge. We had to check that it was working before we went in. It was freezing! We were shivering when we came out and we had to imagine how cold the freezer would have been! When we finished the tour, we returned our tabards to Sid and he very kindly gave us some fruit and bread to take back to school. We tasted tiger bread, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and pineapple. We had a fantastic time at Tesco – thank you Sid for making our trip so enjoyable!