A selection of pupils from Year 5 was chosen to visit Oldbury Academy for their Gifted and Talented Enterprise Day, the children participated in a global enterprise challenge. The children had to design a sustainable Olympic Stadium in a country of their own choice. Each member of the team had an active role, where they were faced with challenges throughout the day, if successful, they would earn more money for their team. Each team had a budget of £200, but had opportunities to receive extra money throughout the day. With their budget, the children from Moat Farm had to buy materials to make the Olympic Stadium. They were faced with challenges, such as flash floods and earthquakes and had to make important decisions regarding what would be best for their Olympic Stadium. In addition to this, they had to present their Olympic Stadium to several judges and justify the choices of materials used, as well as important information about the Stadium, such as ticket prices and charities.

Moat Farm’s Olympic Stadium was situated in India and they were awarded Gold! (Second out of the 4 schools that participated). The children were very lucky as they were the only children allowed to have their parents come and watch their presentation at the Academy.