At Moat Farm we aim to delivery a curriculum that gives children an understanding of how to use the various forms of technology they encounter in a safe manner. Computing is a critical subject that aims to enhance all areas of the learning process and support a broad range of activities in our curriculum.
Through the use of technology in the curriculum we aim to help pupils become knowledgeable about the different sources and types of information they encounter and become comfortable in using a wide range of devices and software to explore the broader curriculum.
We recognise that working with modern electronic devices and technology is a motivational factor for our children and enjoy seeing the pleasure and excitement as they engage in a curriculum that is relevant and modern.

Here at Moat Farm we have dedicated staff that ensure our network of computers are protected by several measures to ensure that your child has a safe environment in which they can learn. Children are taught skills in their Computing lessons that promote data security and E-Safety awareness, we focus on making children aware of who they can talk to and how they can deal with cyberbullying as part of their daily life.
Use these great games and tips at home to help you learn how to stay safe at home. Click Here.

Click here to be redirected to our dedicated Online Safety page for more information

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Moat Farm Junior School in Sandwell