Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated items to ‘Baby Basics’, the scheme that supports vulnerable and disadvantaged mothers in our local community.

The School Council decided that the scheme was extremely important and that we could make a difference to the lives of mothers and their babies who might be suffering hardship. Here at Moat Farm Juniors we aim to develop ‘Moat Farm values’, such as Manners, Respect and Acceptance, and we believe that these are some of the foundations of a safe, happy and caring society.

We were pleased to welcome the scheme’s co-ordinator, Carrie Pearson, based at Warley Baptist Church, into school, who showed the School Council the amazing Moses baskets that are prepared for the new mums.

 It is lovely to know that we have so many kind and caring pupils, parents and carers! Thank you once again.

Mr Adams & all at Moat Farm Junior School

(We will continue to collect donations throughout the year, so please carry on sending items into school, a list of which can be found below)