After working at Moat Farm for many years, l can honestly say that our visit from author Emma Read was one of the most memorable days, a day l will treasure forever, and I am sure the children will too.

The day began with rewarding our reading superstars in each class, the children who had read three times or more every week during Autumn term. The looks on the children’s faces when Emma entered the room was magical. Some of them genuinely could not believe we had one of our corridor display authors in front of them. The author of a book that was sat on their desk was actually in their classroom!

The afternoon was filled with workshops exploring and developing a love of reading. Children shared books they are currently reading, had the opportunity to ask Emma some questions and finally had the pleasure of listening to Emma read a chapter of Milton the Mighty or Milton the Megastar.

I was so proud to be part of such a wonderful day. It was definitely quite evident that ‘Book Talk’ is happening at Moat Farm!