Mathematics Overview


We aim for our children in Maths to:
• Become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, by teaching them to recall number facts and apply knowledge (including mental strategies) rapidly and accurately. Mental maths starters are planned to complement upcoming units, current units or to embed previous taught strategies. Children are taught to read and spell mathematical vocabulary correctly and
• Reason mathematically by being strategic and methodical. We nurture children’s ability to spot patterns, explore number relationships, make generalisations and justify their answers using proof and mathematical language.
• Solve problems by applying their maths to a variety of real life problems with increasing sophistication. We teach our children how to manipulate numbers so that they can break down problems into a series of simpler steps in order to seek
solutions confidently.

Assessment for Learning

Formative and summative assessment for learning is at the heart of everything we do in maths. Our teachers plan weekly learning journeys following the National Curriculum objectives that have been broken down in to maths assessment ladders. At the start of the learning journeys, teachers revisit key knowledge from the previous year group band to ensure any gaps in knowledge are addressed before moving the learning on. Teachers adapt lessons on a daily basis, based on their knowledge of how the children have progressed in the lesson. This means that learning journeys are personalised to meet the needs of all children, whether providing support or further challenge.


We understand that the use of equipment in maths has a significant positive effect on learning, when used in the right context. Our teachers routinely use many different apparatus such as: Multilink cubes, Dienes apparatus, Numicon, counting beads, counters, place value counters, Cuisenaire rods, place value cards, hundred squares, digit cards, dice, dominoes and many more. The use of equipment not only ensures that our children are more active, engaged and interested in lessons; it also helps to embed new concepts. Vulnerable, off-track and more able children, pupil premium, children with SEND and children who are off track are identified and targeted in lessons and/or maths interventions.

Teachers, the maths subject leader, SENCO and SLT work together to identify children who need support and plan in-class and, when needed, out of class support. The support varies from targeted questioning and support in class, adapted planning, live marking, daily CRAM opportunities, use of equipment, placing the child in a maths intervention, IEPs and STAR boxes. Pupils, who grasp concepts rapidly, are challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems and investigations before moving on
to another unit.

Times Tables Rockstars is a great site we use to encourage pupils to learn multiplication. Each student has a log in they can use at home.
If you child has forgotten their username or password, please don’t hesitate to contact their class teacher or contact: 

It is widely recognised that parents and carers play a vital role in helping their children to achieve success at school. We encourage our parents and carers to encourage and support their children in maths at home. There are great opportunities to have fun with maths in everyday life at home such as when cooking (measuring and estimating), doing DIY (measuring and geometry), telling the time or looking at time tables for transport and going to the supermarket! We do understand that there are barriers to learning at home and please find supporting websites and documents below.

Maths Glossary

The School Run (a great website with simple explanations of methods currently done in UK schools)


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Moat Farm Junior School in Sandwell
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